Rube Goldberg Projects and video “mash-ups”

Ever do a project with your students and you are blown away with their creativity and uniqueness?  This is how I felt when I received a two-week assigned Rube Goldberg project that my students complete and videotape at their home.  This year seemed particularly smooth.  I think I finally figured out how to present the project effectively (after numerous years) but I also made time to show previous year projects.  I created a video that took each students’ project and morphed it into one video…a “mash-up” if you will.  This way, the current students get a taste of what to expect.  It didn’t bother me that they saw past project ideas because when it came down to it, I just wanted to get the girl’s hands dirty.  I wanted them to explore simple machines at a more intimate level, manipulating and designing.  The results were amazing and I wanted to share my 2014 Rube Goldberg project mash-up’s with you.  Enjoy!

All of my project and science content videos are created using the video editing software, Camtasia designed by Techsmith.

For additional videos check out my You Tube Channel: smithsciencegms.

Thanks for reading!


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