Reflections: Honeywell Educators @ Space Academy


Day 5: Log/ Reflections

Graduation was a fun event.  Honeywell and the Space Academy really know how to make a teacher feel special!  Instead of just handing you a certificate of completion, both of these organizations put together an event that was well organized, including special Honeywell and Space Academy guests.  Each team and member was announced shaking hands with the director of the program and given their “wings”.


Dinner under the Saturn V rocket



Dancing on the moon


I want to thank the Honeywell Corporation and the Space Academy for choosing me to participate in this wonderful program. It was an incredible week; THE BEST PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED! The activities I have learned will definitely be implemented in my curriculum this year. Stay tuned to hear how!!

The connections I made with all of the teachers I have met is priceless. I already have plans to Google Hangout educators in England and Russia and collaborate with team mates to discuss applications for future conferences.  I have been researching a lot since I’ve been home. One topic is astronaut Scott Kelly’s #YearInSpace journey and the International Space Station in general. I have learned about CASIS (The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space) and the programs they have to offer educators and their students ( (  I am already brainstorming how I can apply for a grant to fund a trip to the International Space Station Research and Development conference in San Diego next July. I am currently signed up to attend the Space Educators conference at the Johnson Space Station this upcoming February ( and am also looking into applying to become a solar systems ambassador ( for 2016.

I am inspired and motivated to change the way I teach. My summer goals are to figure out how to incorporate all of these new lesson plans, including additional ones in my NASA workbooks, into my curriculum. I am also planning on creating a promotional video to play at school in the Fall to recruit some hopeful space camp students for next June.

Thanks for reading!

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